With the seasons changing and the weather beginning to get cold our body can be effected negatively especially if our immunity is down and we catch a cold. The cold weather is alkaline and draws out mucus, and wastes to be circulated for elimination. Our cells are very smart in healing but only if we do our part and support their functions. It can be energy draining and weaken our physical being when we get sick so being proactive versus reactive is vital to our health. Getting ahead of the game and boosting our immunity, cleansing our bodies, and providing our overall bodily systems with the nutrients they need to function to their optimal levels will keep our spirits uplifted and wellness in check. This Wellness Care Package “Seasons Change” contains:(1) Elders Immunitea Herbal Tea ☕️ -Comes w/ 14 servings(1) Red Sarsaberry Herbal Tea ☕️ - Comes w/ 14 servings(1) Sea Veggie Plus Powder - About 2 oz (1) Plant Sunshine Herbal Capsules - Comes w/ a 4 Week Supply- To give you the ability to have the best herbal cleansing experience*$90 Value*For benefits of individual products listed in this wellness package:Elders Immunitea Herbal Tea ☕️ - Boosts immunity, cleanses the body of mucus, provides the body with iron, relaxes the nervous system- Contains: Elderberry, Catnip, Ginger, ElerflowerRed Sarsaberry Herbal Tea ☕️ - Supports the digestive system builds immunity in the body, soothes the stomach, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral-Contains: Red Rooibos, Elderberry, SarsaparillaSea Veggie Plus Powder- Can be added to smoothies, soups, dressings & sauces for a boost of nutrition, provides a wealth of vitamins and minerals, aids the body in removing mucus, anti-oxidants, has sooo many benefits! (Research them) - Contains: Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus variety sourced from the Atlantic Ocean) & Bladderwrack Plant Sunshine Herbal Capsules- increases energy, improves circulation, gently detoxes system, boosts immunity, provides chlorophyll to the body- Contains: Nopal Cactus, Stinging Nettle & SoursopHow to use these wellness herbs:1) Choose which herbal tea you would like to drink for the day (drink for breakfast after hydrating w/ water & in the evening)2) Have a breakfast smoothie after your herbal tea and add the Sea Veggie Plus Powder to get a nutrient boost3) Take the Plant Sunshine herbal capsules in the afternoon with water (Always follow your intuition with taking herbs and changing your diet)*COMES W/ INSTRUCTIONS*DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS AND ADVISE YOU TO SPEAK TO YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING A DETOX, CLEANSE OR INCORPORATING HERBS INTO YOUR DIET. THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. WE ADVISE YOU TO USE YOUR DISCERNMENT WHEN EMBARKING ON A DIET/LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Seasons Change - Immunity Herbal Package


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