Each order comes with 56 capsules of Sea Veggie Plus & Iron Herbs
(Contains: Chondrus Crispus”sea moss”, Fucus Versiculosis, Sarsaparilla, and Yellowdock)

Providing Iron, and 102 minerals the body is composed of these capsules are considered our Multi-vitamin and Prenatal Vitamins. They boost immunity within the body, promote blood circulation, heal any nervous system issues (anxiety/stress), promote lymph drainage (lymphatic system functions), provides a boost of minerals to all bodily organs and supports a healthy womb and healthy baby. These capsules will benefit any ailment/disease and any gender.

Sea Veggie Plus/Iron Capsules (month supply)

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
    • Is this a good source of iodine?


    • Whats the difference between the Sea Veggie Plus & Sea Veggie Pus Iron?

    These specific capsules contain both sea moss and bladderwrack along with our Iron Blast blend of herbs for an added boost of iron.

    • Where does the added iron come from?

    The Iron Blast blend of herbs inside contans herbs known to have a hgher levels of iron then others.

    • Can i consume these while pregnant or breastfeeding?


    • Can children consume these?


    • Can these be opened and added to a drink?



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