Each order comes with a full month Parasite & Microorganism Program that contains:- (1) Aches N' Pains Herbal Tea Blend (2 oz)- (1) Lymphatic Cleanse Herbal Tea Blend (2 oz)- (1) Papaya/Clove Herbal Capsules (42 count)- (1) Wormwood/Hydrangea Root Herbal Tea- (1) The Flush Herbal Capsules (28 count) Cleansing the body (our temples) of parasites and microorganisms that feed off our bodies and rob us of nutrition is important in getting rid of addictions, cravings, suppressed emotions, and pain. Parasites can cause fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, unexplained weight loss, overeating, etc. Parassites detach from the intestinal walls to breed and are most vulnerable on the new and full moons. Being that this cleanse is a full month program you will hit at least one of the moon cycles, although we recommend starting on a New Moon.

Parasite & Microorganism Cleanse

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    • Are instructions included?


    • Can i fast while taking the herbs?


    • Will i see parasites in the toilet?

    Parasites vary from microscopic to actually being visible to the naked eye. Keep an eye out at your own discretion.

    • How long is the cleanse?

    1 month.

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