This 4-week herbal healing program includes 4 different formulations of herbal capsules created to target improving the overall function of the Kidneys, along with the Bladder, Liver and bowels. This Kidney Filtration Bundle is great to get your kidneys functioning and filtering as they should, especially when on Dialysis. (We are in no way doctors, or telling you in anyway to stop your dialysis, this information is simply for educational purposes. Always consult your doctor or practitioner) When taking these herbal capsules it is best to follow a fruit based diet. Fruit for breakfast by itself, in a smoothie or a juice, for lunch more fruit as a mono meal (lots of one fruit until full), smoothie, or a fruit & greens juice, and for dinner, more fruit along with a large salad with lots of veggies or a veggie soup. The goal is to eat as healthy, raw and fruit based as much as possible since fruit is highly astringent to the cells and will work to cleanse the kidneys. Striving for the best diet while on this cleanse will improve the benefits and results, but in no way means you need to eat this way, do what you can! Below is the list of the contents of this Kidney Filtration Bundle. 
🔻Rebirth River Liver & Colon Herbal        Capsules
🔻Kidney Support 1 Herbal Capsules
🔻Kidney Support 2 Herbal Capsules 🔻Lymphatic Cleanse 1 Herbal Capsules 
🔻Lymphatic Cleanse 2 Capsules

Kidney Filtration Detox Bundle

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