When undigested foods and toxins build up in the colon causing obstruction a host of parasites, candida, fungus, bacteria, and overall toxins feast on the obstruction creating an imbalance of homeostasis, and causing the body to have flare ups of symptoms. These flare ups of inflammatory responses are Nature's response to alert you to what is going on within the body so it can be corrected. The ingredients within this tea kills harmful bacteria, addresses digestive issues, cleanses and strengthens the digestive tract, and stimulates motion in the intestines to break up putrid waste.

Colon Cleanse Herbal Tea Blend

    • Can i take while pregnant?


    • Can i take this tea everyday?

    Only for a 14 day time period as clon cleaning herbs should never be consumed longer than 14 days. Can be consumed agan after a 14 day resting period.

    • Will i have to run to the bahroom?

    Theres only been one report of someone having to rush to the bathroom.

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