No matter your current diet this smoothie and juice e-book is a great tool to regenerate your cells and get on the right path to wellness beyond limits. Whether your at the beginning of your healing journey or have been on it for some time, the recipes offered in here will be sure to add vitality to your everyday living. We follow food combinging natural laws as much as possible to ensure proper digestion and mineral absorption which is vital to our overall systems. Every recipe included has standed the test of time in our family for bringing our spirits up, providing mental clarity, a surge of natural energy and gets us high - naturally of course! This online ebook can be saved to your device for frequent viewing or take it to the next level, print it out, have it laminated and add it to your current cookbook, or non-cookbook. We are excited to offer this to you all! Peace, Love, and Harmony to you all <3

8 Smoothies & 7 Juices!

Cellular Healing Smoothie & Juice E-Book


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