• Honey Chatman

Clearing Emotional Clutter - The 5 Question Method

Emotional events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of trapped emotions

These trapped emotions build up a layer of energy that blocks your heart, building a wall. This heart wall that blocks your Pure Essence prevents you from manifesting your truest dream life.

How is that so? Although we have a physical body made of matter when your hand, for example, is magnified at the smallest scale it shows we are made of pure energy, as Quantum Physics describes. It is said that 93% of people in the world deal with emotional clutter stored in the subconscious mind. When we have trapped emotions they can manifest as bodily pain and dis-ease. This ball of trapped energy that distorts our magnetic field drains our energy, purpose and power (it even blocks you from being successful). It makes us feel resentment, anger, frustration and stress.

“Emotional clutter can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks and misinterpret behavior.” - Dr.Brad Nelson. They can also interfere with proper function of your body’s organs and tissues, wreaking havoc with your physical health.

Relieving your soul of this emotional baggage will help you find peace as you once knew it. Freeing yourself of past heartaches and traumas that has built this “heart wall”, allows forgiveness, compassion and pure unconditional love to find its way to you. Decluttering your emotional ties to past events that hold your future captive, will allow you to follow your heart and become that magnet for all you desire and deserve.

Going through a tough emotional block myself brought about these 5 specific questions that aided in the healing of my subconscious mind. Healing the subconscious mind takes practice and patience, but with a deep desire to feel it all to heal it all, you too can get there. These 5 questions that follow should be used as a guide along with the greatest guide of all — your intuition. At any time if the questions are naturally rephrased in your head know that is what you need to hear at this time.

Question #1

What’s on your mind?

Take 2 minutes to write it down as fast as it streams out of your mind. Release the emotions!

Question #2

What do all these things make you feel?

Feel it all to heal it all! Be honest with yourself. I feel angry or jealous no matter how irrational the feeling I feel is I have the right to feel it so I can heal it. Be kind to yourself!

Question #3

Why do you feel this way?

Analyze your thoughts. Where do these emotions stem from? Get deep and dirty with it! Finding the roit cause of actions or feelings will stir up some hard emotions but it will better assist you with healing and clearing. Ask yourself why you feel entitled to this emotion.

Question #4

What options are there that could help you adapt to the present moment?

Sometimes we think too cookie cutter and we allow our perfectionist tendencies to rule the outlook of our life. Let’s face it, we expect things out of life and when things don’t go as planned we can throw a tantrum. So, what could you do to adapt to your current situation and find a solution to any problem that might arise with clearing your emotional baggage? For example, “I am feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated for all the time investment and selflessness I give to my family on the daily. I feel like I need a break and a recharge! It might not be realistic to take an hour out of each day to have some ‘me’ time but maybe I can start with waking up an hour earlier and take 15 minutes to myself.”

Question #5

What would it take to be filled with joy?

What would it take to align with your spirit and come back to your deepest desires? What do you want at the soul level? What does your dream life look like? Did you know anything and everything is attainable so long as you believe it to be so? Dig deep.

Reading these questions and answering them aloud or writing them down in a journal can be very therapeutic and aid you in finding the deep rooted cause of your emotional clutter. I hope this resonated with you and I could be of service. Sending all my love to you!

- Honey 💚🌿👑

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