Alkaline Simplicity was a dream before it became a reality. When Honey (one of the CEO's of Alkaline Simplicity) was about ten years old she used to visit an elderly man along with her grandmother to care for him. She would pick up the newspaper for him, get him food, and keep him company. It became a ritual after she got off the school bus, caring for him gave her purpose. When Honey was in High School, Culinary was one of those subjects she was highly fascinated by. Tools for different cooking styles, creatively designed dishes, and everything created and eaten would raise the spirit. This is when she knew a life of creating and serving others is what she wanted.


Fast forward to when Honey and I (Hey guys this is Kaloud, the other CEO of Alkaline Simplicity) were dating, we weren't eating the best of foods. Fast food was cheap and convenient and all we ever knew, but Honey, although had food addictions like we all did, was always suggesting eating healthier. It wasn't until I broke my ankle, and couldn't walk much that I started learning about healthier eating and decided to cut out meat completely, and shortly after we became vegan. About one year after becoming vegan we learned about alkaline foods and followed suit. 

After learning about alkaline foods we went to the grocery store that same day and bought loads of fruits and veggies and started our alkaline journey along with our children. After creating so many alkaline dishes that we loved, our family and friends loved the dream of Alkaline Simplicity sprouted, but it wasn't about healing herbs just yet. The dream was for an alkaline restaurant or food truck.

Then one day our children were sick in the winter and we were trying to find out how to heal them, and learned even more about an alkaline lifestyle paired with herbs. Within two days our children were no longer sick and were happy go-lucky running around everywhere and we were in awe. Anytime one of us were feeling under the weather we knew exactly how to heal ourselves, and then spread that healing and knowledge of herbs to others, and Alkaline Simplicity came to the forefront once more.

Alkaline Simplicity for us is a collection of our dreams to better serve others, to spread healing, peace and love, to awaken other brothers and sisters to their true higher selves. With herbs and eating the right foods any dis-ease can be healed. Our bodies are constantly trying to regenerate new cells and even organs! It is by the consumption of detrimental foods (meat, dairy, starch, blood, processed foods, wheat, etc) that prevent and halt the bodies natural healing process Mother Nature knew what she was doing! We have learned from Mother Nature and now we can spread this healing to you! Let's all get to wellness beyond limits!



                                                                                                                   Peace, Love, and Harmony,


                                                                                                                                    - Honey & Kaloud  Chatman

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